White Rock Business Revitalization

Whiterock webdesign business Johnston Road Streetscape Revitalization ProjectJohnston Road’s streetscape is being updated which is a much needed improvement for downtown White Rock.  Johnston Road is the commercial and cultural heart of the town centre.  It will be nice to see new widened sidewalks, areas for seating such as outdoor Cafe seating along the newly widened sidewalks and tree-lined seating areas and green space.  Hopefully this will help out local business and benefit the people of White Rock.

Many tourists are attracted to the oceanfront area of White Rock.  The businesses along the oceanfront are struggling to stay open.  Business owners rely on good weather during the summer months to get through the year.  White Rock residence may not frequent these businesses as often as they would like based on the expensive parking.  Real estate prices are also high resulting in very expensive rent.  Hopefully the City Council of White Rock and the White Rock Chamber of Commerce will work with the local oceanfront businsesses so that the independently run businesses continue to attract the tourists which benefits the overall economy of White Rock.   



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